9 Healthcare Social Media Marketing Tips For Stem Cell Clinics

9 Healthcare Social Media Marketing Tips For Stem Cell Clinics

One in four social media users is following a brand they might buy from. While you might already have a few followers on your stem cell clinic’s account, why stop there? With a few tips, you can give your social media marketing the boost it needs to turn followers into sales. 

Keep reading for nine social media marketing tips for healthcare professionals.

With these tips, you can strengthen your social media strategy with a few easy steps. If you’re using social media in healthcare marketing, you need to read this.

Stay social with these nine steps!

1. Plan Ahead

Before you start posting random pictures and captions, take a look at your accounts. Which platforms are working best to attract engagement? Which posts do your followers respond to the most?

You’re already busy running your stem cell clinic.

Instead of splitting your focus even more, get organized. 

Social media marketing is a cost-effective way for you to reach your followers. With each post, you’re increasing brand awareness and recognition. However, an inconsistent strategy can cause you to miss out on opportunities. 

Planning ahead can help you create a well-crafted strategy.

Try to create a content marketing calendar for the month. Then, consider using a social media scheduling platform like Hootsuite. That way, you won’t have to waste time posting to four different accounts each day. 

Your content calendar will help you know what to post beforehand. In addition to helping you save time, planning ahead will keep you from neglecting your social media plans. 

2. Educate Instead of Sell

One of the most important tactics to consider when using social media in healthcare is to educate your followers. Don’t worry about selling them on a service or pushing appointments. Instead, determine how you can educate and inform your audience. 

Why are people following you in the first place?

Determine what your followers are looking for to create content that matches their interests.

Then, determine what valuable content you can offer your followers. For example, some healthcare social media accounts create blog posts that cover different conditions and diseases. These posts cover symptoms, treatment options, and prevention tips to help patients improve their health. 

Make sure to cite your resources. In addition to giving your website content backlinks, it also demonstrates your credibility. When people see you’ve linked to this content on social media, they’ll know you’re providing well-researched content.

3. Create Unique, High-Quality Content

While it’s important to educate your audience, it’s also important to provide them with content they can’t find anywhere else.

First, determine what other stem cell clinics are doing. Which tactics are helping them generate engagement. 

Then, consider your unique value proposition. What can you offer patients that they won’t find anywhere else?

Again, researching your target audience can help. The better you know your audience, the more likely you can tap into their needs and wants. Then, you can create content that responds to those needs. 

Consider using SemRush, Google Keyword Planner, and Google Trends to see what your patients are searching for. Then, create a list of topics based on these search queries. 

Once you have that list, determine how to include your unique value proposition in these posts. 

Educating your audience will help you become an expert in your field. Creating unique content, on the other hand, will help you stand out from the crowd. That way, you’ll remain top of mind the next time they need a stem cell clinic. 

After creating your content, consider how you can reuse it in new forms. For example, you can turn a long blog post into an eye-catching infographic. Fun visuals will help you stand out. 

They make lengthy pieces of content more engaging, too!

4. Invest in Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming more popular. Videos are easy to consume and fun to watch. If you’re trying to improve engagement, try using video marketing. 

You don’t need an expensive budget to use this healthcare social media marketing tactic.

Instead, try creating a video on your phone. Make sure your phone is stable and in focus.

Give each video an objective to ensure they benefit your overall social media in healthcare strategy. 

5. Listen Up

90% of social media users reach out to brands using social media. 83% of consumers like when brands respond to their questions online.

Use social listening so you can respond to your followers online. 

If their posts are negative, you can address the issue. This will show your followers that you’re responsive. 

If the posts are positive, share them with your audience to improve your brand!

6. Stick to a Schedule

In order to remain top of mind with your followers, you need to post on a schedule. Otherwise, you might miss out on opportunities to reach your audience. 

Try to post consistently. Start once a week. As you create more content, you can post more often and increase your chances of generating responses. 

Don’t forget to leverage popular healthcare social media hashtags to expand your reach.

7. Respond to Your Followers

Once people start responding to your posts, make sure you respond back!

Social media marketing is an effective way to engage your audience. That means creating a two-way conversation. Speaking with your followers will show potential patients that you’re there to help.

8. Monitor & Improve

Once you start using these social media marketing tips, watch how your posts perform. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the competition, too. 

Monitoring the success of your social media will help you determine which tactics are working. Which posts generate engagement and conversions?

Then, you can spend more time using those tactics. 

9. Ask for Help

Social media in healthcare marketing can feel tricky if you’re not generating results.

Don’t feel the need to go it alone. Instead, hire a professional social media marketing company to develop a strategy for you. Then, you can increase brand awareness for your clinic and attract more patients!

Social Media in Healthcare Marketing: 9 Tips for Business Success

With these nine tips, you can start improving your social media strategy. Boost brand awareness and engagement for your clinic with these tips. You’ll find social media in healthcare marketing is a lot easier with a plan. 

Need help making a plan? Sign up for a free audit today!