Inside the Leads: Guide to Developing Medical Lead Generation Strategies

Inside the Leads: Guide to Developing Medical Lead Generation Strategies

Growth. It’s something that a majority of the human population attempt to achieve. Whether it be personal, spiritual, or professional growth, at some point we’ve all desired some type of growth.

With this in mind, it makes sense in the business world for that to be one of your main goals. Setting growth targets can help you stay focused on how to make your company expand. The problem is, you’ve built a business using your professional talent or expertise in a certain area.

Now, aside from managing your day-to-day tasks, you also have to squeeze time in for growth. Up until recently, businesses relied heavily on traditional marketing mediums to grow their business. Some used TV ads, radio commercials, direct mailers, and many companies used a combination of each.

Grow Your Business in the Digital Space

Surely, by now, you have recognized the power of the internet and the extreme benefits of using digital marketing, albeit outbound or inbound marketing. Understanding the potential and actually harnessing digital marketing to produce positive results creates a skill gap. This gap has led to the rise of digital boutiques and agencies (there’s a difference, even if it is a fine line). Business owners became just that, by becoming an expert in a field and sticking with it, so delving into a whole new arena, can be daunting.

You would be surprised at the time non-marketing professionals spend on trying to grow their business. Reading an article here or an excerpt from there, in attempts to understand what steps are needed and how to execute. Using a marketing professional provides a clean and productive path to growth. They’ve helped others succeed and know which marketing strategies to use and when they should be used. It only makes sense to bring someone who is knowledgeable in marketing on board to properly provide guidance.

Leveraging Resources for Lead Generation

Oftentimes, a business or company will have everything they need to expand. They have plenty of space, enough employment power, and all the resources to sustain growth. The only piece they are missing is… (drumroll please) more business!

It’s pretty tough expanding without having the customers to support it. This means you are tasked with figuring out how to implement one of many lead generation strategies, in desperate hopes of producing more business.

This is perhaps one of the biggest inquiries we as marketers receive. Many business owners want to establish an online presence to generate additional growth, but unless you’re selling a physical product or digital product, your avenues can be limited.

So how can a company, like a stem cell therapy facility bring more clients to their physical location? Surely the same marketing tactics that apply to mass reach, will not hold up when looking to generate local business for a service industry. As a medical facility, there are many resources available, but an empty waiting room could spell disaster.

We’ve encountered just these scenarios and have developed a working lead generation system that allows companies to adjust their level of lead generation benefits to fit their scalable needs. Let’s look at some ways proper lead generation strategies that can yield the best results when correctly executed.

Stem Cell Therapy Recruitment: Medical Marketing for New Patient Lead Generation

When we get sick, injure ourselves, or have some other medical issue, we typically have a physician we have used for years, and when we don’t, our doctors give us a referral to someone they favor who can provide the service you need, right?

What about when the shoe is on the other foot and you’re a physician with no patients to heal or refer?

From private stem cell doctors, cosmetic surgeons, and even pediatricians to large nationwide hospitals, at some point they needed marketing help or currently use marketing strategies now to keep their business up.

An empty waiting room means no sustainable business. So, now that we are all on the same page, let’s look at how a person in the stem cell therapy niche can use lead generation strategies to pave the way to a full waiting room of clients.

Traditional Commercial Strategies Are Evolving

Direct Mail Lead Generation Strategy

This type of approach has been used for decades. We all get flyers and direct mailers in the mail from local businesses looking to gain entry into our wallets. In fact, this is still a thriving method for promotion-based marketing.

Fast-food chains and auto shops rely heavily on this approach to spread awareness and to get new customers. Usually, they will do everything in-house, unless it is a larger corporation or chain. The typical approach is hiring a copywriter to draft up several variations of copy that meets your promotional intent and then hire a graphics expert to bring the mailer to life, visually. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but it can become costly to consistently send out new flyers, brochures, and other mailers for every sale you want to run. Not to mention tracking which of these methods works best and where more of your resources should be placed.

For this reason, many businesses shy away and rely on a more digital approach when deciding how to network their services or products. It’s easier to track performance and determine which efforts are yielding the best results.

A sales funnel cannot exist without leads.

Digital Ad Buying Lead Generation Strategy

Using digital ad buying lead generation can generate a solid flow of leads, the only thing is, you only get results for as long as you’re actively buying these spaces. Oftentimes, business owners make a run at this strategy by themselves, but turning a profit when using ad-buying untrained can be more than difficult and actually cost more money in the end.

Marketing professionals usually refer to these strategies as PPC campaigns, which stands for pay-per-click. For those who are unsure or still questioning, what is PPC, you’re not alone.

PPC is a lead generation strategy that uses keyword targeting and search ads to drive traffic to certain pages. PPC campaigns usually have a predefined budget to avoid budgeting issues. However, an upside to PPC or pay per click campaigns, is you’re only charged when someone clicks on the term or keyword you are bidding for. This allows for specified targeted traffic generation because you are able to target keywords or terms that align with certain parts of your sales funnel. Using PPC can be greatly rewarding when the proper strategy is used. It’s recommended to hire a professional digital marketer to ensure you are on the right path.

Using digital strategies allows you to collect, analyze, and extrapolate data very easily. You can quickly find out what terms or campaign is benefiting your business objectives the most and then shift focus. You can measure where your visitors and potential prospects are coming from, when they are hitting your site, and how they found your site, whether it be organic search, direct link, or social channel.

Lead Generation Outreach Campaign Strategy

Among the list of working online marketing strategies, we find ourselves considering an outreach campaign to bring in more leads. This can come in many forms, from cold email outreach to manual one-by-one message personalization methods. Many marketers still swear by the power of email marketing and we’re no different. Many emails are disregarded and often lost in the daily overload of inbox update bombs or notifications as some may know them, but that isn’t killing email marketing. In fact, studies show that email marketing strategies are among some of the highest converting marketing strategies that experts use.

A simple overview of how email outreach campaigns can look may be similar to this bullet list:

  • Build a list of cold prospects (manual or automated)
  • Design personalized messaging (Copywrite a power email sequence)
  • Send & Respond (Apply your list and email sequence together and track engagements to see what’s working)

How does stem cell therapy work when using lead generation?

Numerous medical practitioners enjoy staying busy and helping heal as many patients as they can, but for some practices there just are not enough patients to keep them busy, let alone the doors open. Some stem cell doctors near me have gone as far as to use mailers and local offline commercials to stimulate buzz and drive traffic to get more patients.

Why Do Lead Generation Agencies Work to Help Stem Cell Therapy Recruitment Programs?

This is a simple question and has a simple answer. Whether you’re a small physician running a local family practice or an established stem cell doctor, ROI is still a factor. Since TV, Radio, and direct mailers offer the least amount of tracking capabilities. It’s very hard to gauge how all of those dollars are coming back to you. It can cost thousands even tens of thousands monthly, to maintain some of these media mediums. A benefit to using digital marketing for lead generation is the ability to scale and descale depending on results gathered by collectible data. You are able to see exactly how your money is used and the returns it provides.

Lead generation gives you access to quality sales to close.

One of the main obstacles when going the digital route is assuming you are able to effectively utilize all of the tools to implement the right strategies for growth. Using a digital marketing agency, you will be able to concentrate on running your business, while still receiving updates and reports on how your digital marketing efforts are working.

On many occasions, an online marketing agency will have a system and a series of steps they follow in order to develop the right strategy. In three simple phases, you have discovery, creation, execution. There is a point where you and the marketing agency hired collaborate in order to get clear objectives and to map out technical details. Afterward, your selected agency will create a campaign or strategy for approval. Finally, they will execute and report performance. Some agencies will continuously work to optimize the campaign through testing to make sure you’re getting the best ROI.

Discovery Phase of Lead Generation

This is the time that details are lightly discussed. Your marketing agent will go back and forth with you determining the right approach. In some cases, they will help determine some valuable key terms to target for your digital campaigns. For instance, a stem cell doctor who runs a stem cell therapy may need to get more patients in order to achieve their comfort level of business. Some sample terms this doctor could use are:

  • How does stem cell therapy work
  • Stem cell doctors near me
  • Stem cell treatment near me
  • Stem cell treatment for knees (joints, hips, etc.)
Lead generation for stem cell therapy can help drive the right patients to your practice.

This is just a short list and yes, there are way more that can go here. The idea is to get a general idea of the type of traffic or customers the doctor is looking for and then tailor key terms to influence traffic that fit the specified demographics. Also, during this phase, collaboration and consulting can oftentimes lead to new and innovative features, services, and aspects that were not originally thought of. Some of these inspirations could fit directly into your current plan for growth, while others could make for great future rollouts.

Creation Phase of Lead Generation

This is another incredibly important phase, mainly because of messaging and brand presentation. Making the different components of your lead generation strategy takes effective content, exceptional delivery, and incredible presentation, using terms that resonate and spark engagement within your targeted audience. Elements of this phase can include:

  • Psycho-analytical profiles (who is your audience)
  • PPC term strategy (find the right keywords)
  • Content development (effective copywriting for ads and drip campaigns)
  • Digital Wireframing (Putting the elements together for execution)

Certainly, some steps have been condensed or simplified to save time and sanity, but these are the main elements that this phase must have in order to have a chance of being successful.

Execution Phase of Lead Generation

This is, perhaps, one of the most sought after phases. Business owners could worry less with the first two phases, as there are generally concerned more with results and will the efforts deployed help them get more patients. Once again, this is still one of those very important areas to look at. This is where you will find your ROI and what lead strategies are working and which ones are total flops. Ultimately, the success of your stem cell therapy recruitment campaign will be measured by the number of names flooding the appointment books.

Are you seeing the results you’re looking for from your marketing efforts? Whether you’re a startup, established business, or just looking for improvement strategies, connect with our experts and find out how you could be getting the results you need without spending big marketing dollars.